> Fei'umu

The Students
The boys
Paea chopping wood
'Ofa and Mele cutting meat
Aniese and Katalina sorting taro leaves
Bronson and Poasi peel breadfruit
Salesi and Zco tend the fire
Poasi peels kumala
'Ofa opens coconuts, while Sei drinks the milk
Simione grates coconut
Simione squeezes the coconut
Erin trying to help
Pouring the coconut cream
close-up of the process
Everybody had to try
The traditional Lu
Hamming for the camera
Mei, ufi, kumala in the 'umu
Covering the 'umu
The final layer of covering
Yeah, it's finished!
Tevita with a hot breadfruit
The table is set
Opening the lu
Dig in!